Simone Development & Management, Inc. was established in 1990 to provide the foundation on the 26 years of hotel development and management experience of Paul Simone.  Simone Development is based in the Tampa, FL area.  Simone Development builds and manages hotels throughout Florida and the Southeast region of the United States. Our stability rests on the fact that we provide quality products to our guests which in turn offers our investors growing profitability.
During the past 26 years of hotel development and management, Simone Development has invested over $50 Million in new construction.  An important part of the plan for success is to grow in number of properties and be diverse in major brand flags in the hospitality industry. Simone Development & Management is always pursuing prime locations and brand diversifications for growth and stability in the industry.  During the period of growth, Simone Development has offered investment opportunities of up to 25% with a 35-55% return of investment.

We have a strong staff ranging from property site managers, front desk managers, full sales team, maintenance specialists and quality control.  As a hotel management company we focus on guest satisfaction and financial performance. We get involved from the ground up ranging from staffing the hotels to managing everyday operations to optimizing sales, revenue, and guest satisfaction.  For our owners, we make sure that these aspects are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that their investment receive a high-level performance.

Mission Statement

Simone Development & Management’s mission is to drive value by delivering first class service to each and every one of its partners, customers, investors, team members, and brands.  In our constant pursuit to better ourselves, we are on a continual quest for opportunities leaving no prospect unexplored.


Simone Development & Management partners with qualified investors and developers to maximize return on investment.  Our company has developed and operated a variety of the top brands providing us the flexibility necessary when entering a marketplace.


With over 26 years of experience in managing hotel assets, Simone Development & Management is a trusted and recognized operator of both full and limited service hotels.  Our strength in hotel management lies in our associates who understand the values and commitment it takes to provide unsurpassed customer satisfaction and value.

Why Choose Us?

Simone Development & Management's award winning hotels exemplify an acute sense of design and construction.  All of our hotels are constructed with the long term value, and they are carefully planned to meet the needs of our guests now and the decades to come.